ISO 9100        FORS Zertifikat        CLOCS Zertifikat



 The vehicles are regularly serviced according to the manufacturers specifications in approved dealerships.

This guarantees that technical faults are kept to an absolute minimum.



All trucks are equipped with security curtains and electronic SAT positioning,which provides information in real time about actual location and status of the load.

In addition we have available secureparking pan-european.



More than 35 years of professional experience and certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, Fors are clear indicators for the competence of our skilled and well trained employees.

We operate a fleet of 250 vehicles and use state-of-the-art communication and logistic systems.

Welcome to Trawöger!

Welcome to Trawöger!
Our fleet is constantly being replaced and thus meets the latest technical requirements. With maintenance and care of vehicles no compromises are made and therefore delays due to technical defects are absolutely rare.

Because we buy only quality vehicles with almost the highest level of equipment, there are European buyers for our used vehicles. We keep our fleet up to date to the satisfaction of the driver and customers.

What we can do for you


All vehicles can be followed on the screen in real-time with a lot of information.


Here you`ll find itinerary and exact information about our locations.


 A variety of carriers is connted to us for a long time and we have built up a good partnership.


To strengthen our team we are constantly looking for new employees.


Since the founding of Franz Spielvogel GmbH, transports in Wels by Franz Spielvogel 1974 much happened to our company. 
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Our modern fleet is constantly being replaced and improved, and thus meets the latest technical requirements.
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